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Post by juno on 8/6/2011, 07:09


in another world, you met him at a party, a library, a store, a park bench. it was winter and the evergreens were still swaying, ripples of light reminiscent of the ocean. you wore a peach dress, pools of sun gathering on fabric. he smiled.

two hours later, you are still smiling.

the days pass. he teaches you the value of laughter, the weight of sincerity. the sun is shining out your dress, now. are you glowing, too?

you will melt into the pools of light, as he speaks. you will feel the heat silking through your bones, translucent. you will wonder what is happening, are you in an aftermath, does he feel the ground shake, can the universe be so bright -

the celestial bodies are spinning on their heels, roaring out their heads, the leaves move on, silent sea on land.

he squeezes your hand. the light glimmers a little brighter.

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