the world is a latte and an engine

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the world is a latte and an engine Empty the world is a latte and an engine

Post by juno on 3/6/2011, 17:01

And what of the wonder of rebirth? Tell me,
when every shade of yellow is
gold, new as a babe’s first
wink, first peal of laughter.

This is how it comes - my negligee above your head, your
hat stocked docile on the window-sill,
your cologne and my bracelet in a
beautiful war on the dresser.
This is how it comes, and how -

who taught you, my love? Who was your tutor in the art of love? When every
shift is a pinprick,
and every shade of blue is
a blinding sapphire and
i am inhaling snow with every
molecule and everything hurts with the
incredulity and
of love - who taught you?

I might as well say everything in French. Mon seul désir. The
world is a latte and an engine.
It is what made me run back to you, a vision of
me, and
a latte in our old car and
the sun streaming
discs and
bubbles and
you have encompassed my
life -

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