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Post by juno on 4/6/2011, 04:29


i am too small
i am too big

the water looks so solid, but it is a lie your
body will sink


yellow nails and talking teeth
you were ready to leave long before i even realized what was happening
exit wounds are strange things
you don’t say anything, don’t you dare say anything


i want a coffee in a clean mall
the thunder could sob at any minute

you eat many colours
blue, green, white, brown, black, silver, red

i want to say i threw you up this morning
i want to say many things, i don’t ever want to speak again

words i want to say, like fuck and shit and bastard
words i never want to say, like -

pretty words, i cannot build a house on pretty words


eyes in teal dresses, sprinkled on
the lawn like girls

haunt, lonely, haunt
haunt, lonely

i think i will be ok, i think i know
i am here again, learning how to numb, look
you were no different now, were you
are you

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