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Post by juno on 19/3/2012, 13:43

if everything happened,
one day up, the other sideways, longways, timeways
would we be anywhere? what of the
stars, burning bombs of
the most beautiful death the
hand-holding candelabra --

back to you. the fur on your face, i'm
sure you were a wolf in another life time. you
are grumpy enough. your sleepy staring
unsettled eyes that make
others feel unsettled, your
pale penchant-for-snow-skin, your
scoff, your

i held you. somewhere between then and now, somewhere
in the galaxy, i held you.
like a pebble plucked from
the soft river, you
quivered in my hand, a baby waiting for
some kind of recognition, perhaps
a kiss.

so i will kiss you, wolf. your
long, frightening body and your
sad-laughing eyes, i will kiss
your shy-smiling mouth, i will
and you will remember me in
your endlesss forest under the
treacherous stars, you will remember me and
you will come to me and i
will hold you once more.

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